Children and parents took part in the Imperial Eagle Feast in Plovdiv

03 July.2019

All visitors to the Bunardzhika Park in Plovdiv had the opportunity to participate in the Imperial Eagle Feast, to learn more about the rare bird and to receive a special gift. Most of the surprises were for the children; each child could have painted a drawing of an Imperial Eagle, made a short flight with a trampoline and participated in the construction of a real artificial nest. Finally, they were awaiting many awards - a T-shirt with the species, magnets, a leaflet of the LIFE project "LAND for LIFE" and stickers.

Parents and children participated in the bird watching tours of the park. They were amazed at the enormous variety of species.

The event was also attended by an MME team - BirdLife Hungary, who had come to exchange experience with the BSPB on the project "Egyptian Vulture New LIFE", joining the building of the artificial nest.

We thank all participants for the interest and enthusiasm and all the volunteers who helped the Feast to happen!

The event was organized under the BSPB LIFE project "LAND for LIFE" with the support of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019.



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