Children and adults celebrated together with the Egyptian Vulture the World Migratory Bird Day in Zoo Sofia

14 May.2019

An amazing feast was held this Saturday (May 11th) on the World Migratory Bird Day by ornithologists and volunteers from the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB). The magnificent Egyptian vulture, its migratory path and conservation, were in focus. Children and adults were acquainted with other migrating birds such as the Imperial Eagle and the Stork.

For all visitors to the Sofia Zoo, thematic games and challenges were organized, thanks to which each participant learned more about the importance of this indispensable cleaner in nature. Each step of the program was deeply related to the route and the threats that the vulture faces during the migration.

An animator drew the faces of children and adults before the start of the challenge: "A Mille for the Egyptian Vulture" addressed to children, parents, and grandparents. The game was for all of them because as elderly people transmit their wisdom to the next generations, young Egyptian vultures need adult birds to show them the right flyway.

In order to understand the challenges faced by the birds during their migration and what athletics efforts are required to reach the final, the "Mile for the Egyptian Vulture" race was organized in which two teams successfully passed different challenges. The children jumped on trampolines, slumped between cones, jumped over asphalt-painted pesticide symbols and learned about the main threats to the rare bird. The games were symbolically held near the cells of animals representing different geographic points, part of the vulture's route.

The fixed number of participants of the two teams was again symbolic: 28, as is the number of the Egyptian vultures’ pairs in Bulgaria.

Each participant in the game received special thematic gifts from BSPB.

An open lecture by an Egyptian Vulture Specialist was organized at the end. Vladimir Dobrev from BSPB impressed all listeners with the fascinating story about the mythical bird.

Apart from the lecture, everyone could check whether flying was an easy job. With the help of trampoline, enthusiasts flew for a second in the air, and BSPB gave them the best shot of their flight.

The event was held in the framework of the LIFE projects “Egyptian vulture New LIFE” and "Land for LIFE".

Photos: © Miroslav Ivanov

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