Six Information signboards installed in some of the most valuable habitats of the Imperial Eagle

03 June.2019

A total of six information signboards were installed last month in the framework of the LIFE project "Land for LIFE" in some of the most important Natura 2000 areas for the species in Bulgaria - Svilengrad (Sakar Special Protection Area), Bolyarovo and Gorska Polyana (Zapadna Strandzha Special Protection Area), Kamen (Kamenski Bair Special Protection Area), Gergevets (Adata – Tundzha Special Protection Area) and Topolchane (Sinite kamani – Grebenets Special Protection Area).

Thanks to the boards, local residents and guests of these valuable natural habitats will be able to learn interesting facts about them and the Imperial Eagle and one of the major threats to the species - the degradation and ultimate loss of natural habitats.

We thank the municipalities of Svilengrad, Elhovo, and Sliven for their support!

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