Measures for restoration and sustainable management of pastures in order to protect the Imperial Eagle and biodiversity

12 November.2020

One of the main goals of the LIFE project "LAND for LIFE" is to test different methods for restoration and management of pastures and meadows as hunting habitats of the globally endangered Imperial Eagle, but also in favor of rich biodiversity in Natura 2000 areas in Southeastern Bulgaria.

In the period 2016-2020, the farmers-partners of the project restored and maintained over 14,000 decares of pastures through three main ways - (1) grazing of small cattle (sheep and goats), (2) grazing of cattle (cows and horses), and (3) mowing for hay.

Biologists have studied basic elements of biodiversity - birds, mammals, reptiles and plant species in grasslands - to determine the effect of the three methods of pasture management on species and habitats.

The summary results of these studies for the whole project period are presented in a Report entitled "Measures for the restoration and sustainable management of pastures as a hunting habitat for the Imperial Eagle (Aquila heliaca)".

The full text of the report in Bulgarian is available here.

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