New record in the number of Imperial Eagles pairs in Bulgaria - 34!

27 May.2020

After the number of Imperial Eagles in Bulgaria increased by three more pairs in March and reached 32, which is a record for the last 20 years, two more new pairs were registered in April. Thus, the number of all pairs of the species in our country increased to 34! The monitoring of the occupied territories by the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB), which ended last week, has finally confirmed their number.

Currently, 11 of all 34 pairs are in artificial nests - 9 of them (26%) are installed by BSPB within the LIFE project "LAND for LIFE" and "Save the Raptors”, the other two were installed by Green Balkans. Thus, a total of 32% of the population of the species in the country occupies artificial nests. These data prove that this is one of the most effective measures for the protection of the Imperial Eagle, as it is especially important for young and inexperienced pairs who are starting their nesting for the first time. In this short video, you can see how BSPB teams are installing artificial nests for Imperial Eagles.

We remind you that in March three new pairs of Imperial Eagles were registered by BSPB in the region of Sliven. Thus, the region became the second most important breeding ground for the Imperial Eagle after Sakar Special Protection Area.

In addition to the number of territories occupied by pairs of Imperial Eagles, 2020 set a record with the number of breeding pairs - 26. For comparison, in 2019 their number was 20.

The monitoring of the occupied breeding territories of the globally endangered species is carried out by BSPB within the LIFE project "LAND for LIFE".

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