A new pair of Imperial Eagles occupied an artificial nest built by BSPB

03 April.2019

Team of the LIFE project “Land for LIFE” discovered new pair of Imperial Eagles in an artificial nest built by the BSPB team.

The nest is located in the area of ​​the Elhovo field and is situated on a centuries-old oak, away from risky power lines and sources of anxiety and human presence. The nest was built by the project team in December 2018. The fact that it was occupied by a newly formed pair only three months after its construction confirms the effectiveness of this activity in attracting new breeding pairs of Imperial eagles.

The female bird is 3 years old and the male is 4 years old and they will not be able to grow offspring this first year but we hope they will protect the territory and to breed successfully in the next year.

Despite this new pair, the number of all known pairs of Imperial eagles in Bulgaria remains 29 - the same as in the previous 2018. The team will check of more breeding territories and other artificial nests.


Photos: Dimitar Demerdziev

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