A new artificial nest for Imperial Eagles was placed near Sliven

19 March.2018

In the beginning of February, a team and volunteers of the BSPB LIFE project “Land for LIFE” placed an artificial nest for Imperial Eagles in the area Kamenski Bair near Sliven. The nest is made up of branches and is placed on a high poplar tree. Its purpose is to help a breeding couple in the area whose traditional nest is half destroyed.

Generally, the artificial nests are placed in areas without dangerous electric pylons and where human disturbance is minimal. Frequently, the eagles have two nests, using one as optional, in case the main nest is upturned by a storm or destroyed by humans. The eagles use the nests for many years, even decades. The nests are 1.5 to 2 m wide, up to 2 m deep and weigh up to 200 kg.

The artificial nests are placed during the winter, to allow time for the eagles to take and complete building them in the spring. Before the breeding period, the eagle covers the nest with fresh green boughs which emit substances that drive insects away. Studies show that nearly 20% of the artificial nests become home to Imperial Eagles.

The installation of artificial nests is an important part of the conservation activities under the project to improve the breeding and foraging habitats of the species. A total of 40 artificial nests will be installed in Natura 2000 zones, Sakar, Derventski vazvishenia, Zapadna Strandzha, Kamenski Bair and Adata – Tundzha.

You can find reportage from the placement of the nest here.

Photo: © Svetoslav Spasov, www.NatureImages.eu

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