Another 280 poplars planted for Imperial Eagle's home

08 January.2019

A team of the LIFE project “Land for LIFE” and volunteers from Topolovgrad planted 280 poplars in Natura 2000 areas “Sakar”, and "Zapadna Strandzha". From the beginning of the project approximately 1000 trees (480 poplars and 500 oak trees) are planted.

The poplars were planted along the river valleys in order to shelter nests of Imperial eagles in future. The main trees used for nesting by the species are poplars followed by various oak species. One of the main reasons for damaging the nesting habitats of the Imperial Eagle is the massive felling of poplars over the past 15-20 years.

Planting new trees is an important part of the conservation activities under the project to improve the breeding and foraging habitats of the species. A total of 9.5 decares was afforested. The young trees were planted on 9 different sites in two project areas (4 sites in Sakar  and 5 - in "Zapadna Strandzha). With them the total area of ​​the forested sites now with those from 2017 is 25.5 decares.

We are grateful to all volunteers who have joined the afforestation!


Photos: Dimitar Gradinarov

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