Colorful houses welcome the visitors of the Bird alley in Borisova Grdaina Park

15 October.2018

From Saturday, the Bird alley in Borisova Grdaina Park meet the passers-by not only with their signboards with interesting facts about the birds in the park,  but also with colorful houses for titmouses, Tree-creepers and robins, made and colored by the children who enthusiastically joined the event.

In addition to the workshop for assembling and coloring houses, the children also learned how to make a bottle feeder. With this we set the beginning of our annual campaign for winter feeding of the birds in the towns.

Dozens of children took part also in a special painting studio for an emblematic bird of our nature. The drawings are specially created by Alexandra Ilieva form Inspire Bulgaria and aim to promote interesting bird species, some of which threatened with extinction such as the Imperial Eagle and the Egyptian vulture. The drawings will be part of the "Bulgarian Wings" coloring book.

The event was organized by the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds in partnership with Green Solutions for Sofia within the BSPB LIFE projects “Egyptian vulture New LIFE” and "Land for LIFE" on the occasion of the EuroBirdwatch 2018.


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