New Imperial Eagle’s nest found in Southeastern Bulgaria

18 March.2016

A team of the BSPB LIFE project “Land for Life” discovered a new nest of Imperial Eagles in the area of Derventski vazvishenia. The newly formed pair of adult birds has taken the new territory and is currently building the nest. Despite they are adult (about 6 years old) the birds probably nest for the first time.

So far in this territory Imperial eagles have been periodically monitored, like last year when a bird was observed several times in the area. The BSPB experts watched the newly formed pair defending their nesting territory from neighboring nesting pair of Imperial eagles. The eagles of the two couples met repeatedly in the air and attacked each other aggressively.

Up to now a total of 28 pairs of Imperial eagles have taken/occupied their breeding territories and are rebuilding their nests. Two pairs have changed their old nests with new ones. Compared to last year, only in one territory Imperial eagles have not been seen yet. Unfortunately, this is one of the few remaining "mountain" type pairs of Imperial eagles. Their nest has been occupied by a pair of Long-legged buzzards. In this area there is a massive plowing of grassland areas abounding with Ground squirrels and managed as grassland in the recent years. It is possible that the eagles have moved or left the territory.


Photo: The new nest, © Dimitar Demerdzhiev

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